Thank you

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Thank you

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I am honoured to be part of toro granata.i have quite a lot of friends in Italy who are also grenades.i am hoping to get back over within the next year.i loved my time in turin.we lived in chiemonte and travelled to superga.
We laid wreaths from our local football team Raith Rovers who Jo Baker also played for.
I love the bull and all grenades.
We lay for the Jo Baker and Denis Law shield either in turin or kirkcaldy home of raith rovers.
I cannot speak Italian but use translator on my device lol.if you prefer i can translate into Italian before posting.fvcg

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Re: Thank you

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We're all so pleased to have you here with us. You can post in italian or english, as you like.
We would like you to post all initiatives and events of Scottish grenades.
Forza Toro!